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exercises for vagina

Exercises for the muscles of the vagina

"Sexually experienced and temperamental woman knows how to work enthusiastically hips and pelvis, and learns the art of love vulva" - writes M.Kinessa.

exercises for vagina

A man during sexual intercourse commits translational frictions, and the woman is able to perform friction sheath. Peristaltic contractions of vaginal muscles provides a close envelopment of penis vaginal walls excited. Frictions vagina up and down, and the penis back and forth contribute to the rhythmic zoom in and out of the entrance of the cervix into the vagina. Trained in such frictions woman may experience a sweet sensation during intercourse. Therefore, all women should take exercise and mysterious tender muscles in the most intimate parts of the body, which can significantly increase their sensitivity, strengthen the sex organs and give the unique feeling of the partner. In order for women to learn this art, here are tips known sexologists. Effective exercises for the muscles of the vagina developed by Kegel American gynecologist. He discovered that the owner of good perennial's muscles were much more satisfied with their sex lives than women with weak muscles. But after the occupation of these exercises, women who had not been satisfied with their sex lives, discovered the sensual pleasure.

These exercises for the muscles of the vagina, the doctor recommends that all women after 25 years, are as follows: In the supine stretch and relax the muscles of the vagina (vagina).In the sitting position to exert the muscles of the perineum and hold for 6 seconds. Repeat the exercise for 2-3 minutes several times a day, as often as possible. If a woman has a good will train muscles of the vagina and perineum, which lose their tone after childbirth, it can bring great pleasure and myself and partner. Sexologist .Zalitis makes the following recommendations. To exercise muscles of the vagina woman inserts a clean finger into the vagina and tries to hold it so that it was difficult to remove. Repeat this exercise as often as possible. When a woman learns to control the muscles of the vagina, it can not only enhance their own feelings during sexual intercourse, but also the sense of men, on their own shortening or lengthening the act, and could in any position to deliver pleasure of sexual intercourse the man. In addition, women need to train and orgasms muscle cuff surrounding the vaginal opening. They are shared with sphincter urethral sphincter and the anus.

Coaching can be orgasms cuff squeezing and relaxing the sphincter are urinating and defecating. In addition, such training may be conducted in any spare moment, for example, in transport, in turn, in a barbershop, at home, during a conversation with a friend. If a woman squeezes orgasm cuff during a conversation with a man, then it can flare up unconsciously attracted to this woman. Perhaps the feelings that if this woman is experiencing in the genitals, "playing orgasm cuff", somehow reflects on her face, which increases its attractiveness for men. For the man who finds orgasmic cuff their partner, sex becomes so full that he will never betray her with another woman. Clamping cuff penis at its base, a woman can enhance erections in men, or even cause it. It is important to train and lead your thigh muscles - they enhance the effect of orgasmic cuff in such positions, when the sexual act by a woman. Adductor muscles of hips a woman can only be used in positions shifted along with the legs, the muscles orgasmic cuff can be activated and poses with her legs spread, and the muscles of the vagina can be used in any position. In this woman squeezes them while driving the penis "back", that is, when frictions man "pulls" the penis from the vagina and the penis "is" in the vagina, a woman relaxes the muscles. A trained orgasmic cuff muscles of the vagina and may allow a woman to enter the vagina even small penis, and then call him an erection. This is done as follows. A woman sits on the hips in a pose of a man "little faith" (see 'Positions of sexual intercourse "), bringing his genitals to a male member, and stimulate the penis by hand as well as the head of the penis stimulates her clitoris and vagina. At this time she uses all the releaser and the biological and psychological (verbal), which increase arousal partner, and affection. If the penis has become more elastic, the woman straining muscles, simulating urination, which expands the vagina, and using his hands to the penis enters the vagina.

After this, a trained orgasmic cuff she squeezes the penis and the partner is sitting so for a while, then straining, then relaxing the muscles of the vagina and orgasmic cuff until the penis becomes more elastic. Then she begins to gently carry frictions, vaginal muscles without giving the penis to slip out of it. First, it moves back and forth relative to the male abdomen - the type of vehicle "iron." The man is calm and does not make motions. When the movements of the type of "iron" is the most sensitive part of the penis - the head - located deep in the vagina. During a woman's vagina excitement in this part of the extended wall of his moistened, so that the friction of the vaginal wall are negligible. When using the cuff strain orgasmic woman can achieve a better partner, penile erection, it changes its direction of movement - that rises, then falls. Sitting up, she trained vaginal muscles squeezes the penis men, as if trying to restrain him, but when lowering (squat) relaxes the vagina. In these movements the head of the penis gets enough stimulation during the friction of the vaginal wall, and the voltage orgasmic sleeve further enhances erections. The more elastic the penis becomes, the greater the amplitude of the frictions may allow the woman, rising high to head of the penis is almost approaching the entrance to the vagina, and thus strongly squeezing her orgasmic cuff. Orgasmic cuff at the same time as it massages the penis and an erection is accelerating.

When the penis is necessary to reach an erection, the woman manages the sexual act. If she wants to accelerate, it continues to move up and down using the muscles of the vagina and orgasmic cuff, and if he wants to extend to the very reach orgasm, then performs the movement back and forth in an "iron", with the head of the penis touches the cervix the uterus, giving the woman the sweet sensation, a partner can stimulate her clitoris with your hand or a vibrator. In Asia, women are taught the art of possession of a special muscles of the perineum and vagina. Women who achieve excellence in this sexual technique, can have sex, almost without moving the body of the body, using only the orgasmic vaginal cuff and the muscles. A man in it gets the greatest pleasure. This technique was called the "clacking of nuts." Those who have been in Thailand for a special show, amazed by incredible talents of young Taek, who with the help of the vaginal muscles can open the bottle, "smoke" a cigarette, holding objects, and perform many other fun manipulation.